Should one strip on a Sunday?!

Paint strip, you pervs!! It’s a day of rest of course, in most people’s lives, but I was wide awake at 7am and bored by 9. As I faced the depressing prospect of showering in my hideous unrenovated bathroom after finishing the gorgeous Liner Luxury period bathroom yesterday, I wondered what little thing I could do to at least make me feel like we were doing something constructive at home….

Most of the fireplaces in my Victorian house have been ripped out over the years by various landlords and modernisers but the bedroom one remains intact, though terribly painted.

A quick visit to the cellar of secrets for the NitroMors, whip the rubber gloves on, and the stripping commences!

I can hear it bubbling, it’s fab!

Then I had a thought…. this bedroom is going to STINK tonight, oh dear! May well have to move rooms for the night. And keep the cat out. And get some clingfilm at the ready cause I want to go the the WestFest 09 this afternoon and this NitroMors may dry out if I don’t get it all done. Why oh why couldn’t I have just sat down with the Sunday Times?
Several hours later

No worries now, WestFest has kicked in 🙂

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