Philippe Starck heads for the heat of the kitchen

Press image of 1 of Phillipe Stark's kitchen designs for Warendorf
Press image of 1 of Philippe Starck's kitchen designs for Warendorf

Miele Kitchens is being rebranded as Warendorf, named after the town where the factory is located. Catchy huh?! Anyway, much more exciting is that they’ve got (read – paid a huge amount of money for ) Philippe Starck to design a kitchen range for them. Expect a blurring of boundaries and a fresh take on the kitchen as furniture, and see above for a taste of the future. It’s only a matter of time before other manufacturers start rolling out weird and wonderful legs too, though I would imagine the inverted trumpets above aren’t quite the £20 per pair you pay in B&Q 🙂

Can’t decide whether I like the above image or not, as much as I love the great man himself. I like elements of it: the extra depth to the glass (illuminated?)work top is amazing, the mix of different types of shelving is very funky and it continues the trend of fusing the kitchen with the living space. Not so keen on the mahogany-esque veneer, the legs or the ladder.

Very much looking forward to seeing the rest of the range now.

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