Design- Ana-Maria Pasescu Stewart, The Dock, LDF 09, & styling Emma Watson

Ana-Marie and her work at Tom Dixon's The Dock
Ana-Maria and her work at Tom Dixon's The Dock

As a little addendum to the last post about Starck’s new kitchens, I watched Design for Life on BBC2 last night. Starck is working his way with a verbal machete through a load of British design students, in order to find a new talent to whom to give a 6 month apprenticeship with his design practice in Paris. Ironically he said one of them was mad. Granted she had invented a light which you could take apart if you heard a burglar and turn into a polystyrene baseball bat.

One of the ‘victims’ ( and I say this having been a reality show victim myself once) was a feisty girl called Ana-Maria Pasescu Stewart, who wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion and argue with Starck. She was exhibiting at The Dock when I went down to LDF 09, in the new graduates section. I took the above picture of her, which I quite like! Great roped bracelets and necklaces too, as seen in Grazia recently, the one I liked was sold already….

Rope jewellery

And just look who she help to style for a Vogue shoot!

Emma Watson styled for Teen Vogue shoot
Next time we go for a walk, I am taking this image and making Mart snap one of me just like it haha

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