Dressing an ex-rental kitchen: quickly and inexpensively!

Ikea's Asker series up on the wall

I helped a friend / fellow landlord this week who is selling some apartments. They’d previously been rented out, and though in great condition, as you can see below, just didn’t look very bright, cheery and loved for potential buyers. It’s a tough market out there, with prices having most definitely fallen, so a small financial outlay to make properties the best they can be goes some way to stopping silly offers being proffered and helps capture the imagination of buyers looking for the perfect home.

After! It sure ain't rocket science but it look a whole lot better!

Before: not very lively, but clean, modern and in good nick, so a great start!

This kitchen certainly didn’t need doors changing or painting, and by the look of the immaculate white grout it had been re-tiled after the renters had vacated. So, quite simply, we popped on the wall above the sink some Ikea utensil holders from the great Asker range, which I use in my rentals and is modern and inexpensive. Added to a splash of colour with some lime green dressing items I had, it looked miles better. A good tip is to use colourful bottles of olive oil / vinegars / trendy packaging for kitchen items, then when the apartment is sold, you can snaffle them up with a lovely salad 🙂 Very little outlay and a much more lived in look to the kitchen, without the dirty pots of course!

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