A grotty landlord bathroom gets the Moregeous treatment

The below images are from a 1930’s semi, rented out for many years and in dire need of a refurb. Everything needed rethinking, especially when walls started to fall down. On their own. The bathroom was particularly bed, a combination of mould, deadly electrics and poor planning. The doorway was directly at the top of the stairs on the right, ensuring you fell over the loo as soon as you walked in….

The cost of something like this should be around £4k; to include rip out, new stud, joinery, re-plumbing, provision of basic bathroom suite (here we used Stax for the WC , basin, mirror and taps approx £200 in total, bath & screen was approx £340), some electrical work, tiling to walls and floors, design and project management.

Simple and not over the top as it’s being rented out, but with thought gone into it so it’s the best bathroom it can be for the price.

Prospective tenants LOVED it, rented to the first ones to see, at a far higher rent than the landlord had been getting originally. For the whole house, clearly, they didn’t just rent the bathroom 😉

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