Life: My disastrous bathroom – Mr Moregeous strikes again

I should know when I ask Mr M to ‘just sort something’ that devastation occurs. Devastation in a good way, in that you have a clean slate to start afresh with, but his idea of taking wallpaper off is most mens back breaking work.

The bathroom in our house was quite hideous when the students were in it, so six years ago (seems like longer!) I took this one out….102_0211

…and put a basic white suite, cheapo white tiles and separate shower in for them. Then when we moved in, Mr M popped my lovely Il Bagno basin up so it wouldn’t get damaged in storage. This was, however, never connected as I bought it on Ebay and can only get one connection system which we are saving for when the house is ‘properly’ done up next year. It’s endlessly amusing when people run the tap and their feet get wet, but wasn’t so funny last week when a friend (who shall remain nameless) barfed in it.

When we moved in 3 years ago the shower was fairly grim and mouldy and finally tiles started to fall off the wall in the shower cubicle and water was dripping into the kitchen below. Enough is enough when you fear an errant tile may slice off your toes whilst you lather up, and it’s easier to take a shower whilst you cook.

So I asked Mr M to ‘sort’ the shower and maybe we could swap it for one of the bigger ones which seem to accumulate in my landlord Aladdin’s Cave cellar. When I came out of the office this was what he’d done. Sweet Jesus, it’s the yellow room all over again (when he said he was taking the wallpaper off in Al’s bedroom, went back to bare brick, exposed the sky by taking down the ceiling and the boys have been sharing a room ever since). The brick patch is where the shower cubicle was when I went into the office two hours earlier….

Post students, post insertion of Il Bagno basin, pre full destruction

And then we started getting a bit carried away and decided to put a 1200 by 800 shower cubicle and tray bought in clearance at B&Q for £100(!) in there. But we’d have to move the bath cause it wouldn’t fit. And the sink.

So this is now my bathroom:


No sink, no bath, no shower, bare boards. It’s bloody freezing, the loo is balancing on a wonky floorboard off to the left, no plumber or tiler booked so I am called in favours and I can still hear banging as he’s now taking up the boards to start on the copper pipework.

Back to full body washes in the bedroom sink cause I ain’t using the shower downstairs in the outside annex, that’s even colder, and though I love my mouse family who live down there, I don’t love them enough to get naked with ’em.

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