Design: Diamonds are a dirty girl’s best friend…

Well, there ain’t much ‘bring on the bling’ in my house right now seeing as how we are bathroomless, life somehow isn’t as sparkling as usual. We are washing, you understand, but hot water and flannels are no match for a long hot soak 😉

As a result, I’m in dire need of escapism. I need to crush the credit crunch with crystals, after all, diamonds are a dirty girl’s best friend…..

Nono Diamonds
Nono Diamonds Are Forever
Diamond wallpaper 'in situ' at show apartment at Tempus Manchester

Some people have diamonds on the soles of their shoes, and other have them plastered all over their bedroom walls. It can be hard to imagine from sales images what wallpaper will actually look like up, but I saw this fab Nono paper and papped it at a show home in Manchester recently, thought it look pretty cool! Don’t like the ceiling light though, a bit twee.

Cotterell Diamond Wall Clock

Even in the depths of winter, this bit of bling will light up your wall, yeh yeh it’s in your face, isn’t that the point?

Lisbeth Dahl's crystal alarm clock

Pretty alarm clock on the French Chic Interiors site by Lisbeth Dahl, bargain at £7.50 too

Elica's Star crystal cooker hood for a glamorous kitchen

Elica’s Star cooker hood has been on the market for a couple of years now, as seen on Grand Designs, but it remains unsurpassed in terms of glittery wow factor in the kitchen –

Napoleon Fireplaces Swarovski limited edition

Not content with just a flickering flame, some people always go that one step further! Napoleon Fireplaces are American based but I would imagine the bling will be crossing the Atlantic soon.

Kludi's Dazzling Daydream Delight bathroom with marble and glass
Kludi's Dazzling Daydream Concept monochrome bathroom
I had to put these bathrooms in, given the state of my mine right at this moment – ( ).
The white one is a wee bit empty for me (probably just a set as opposed to a real bathroom) but I totally love the crystal spotlights, must look amazing when the water in the shower is cascading down. Loving the monochrome, right up my street, lots of ideas for when I finally get round to doing my house. –

Kitchen-zilla bligtastic handles

No excuse now not to jazz up those old kitchen units eh…..

Vives Mikado Azabache crystal tiles

Hitting the trend for muted metallics and all things sparkly, these tiles by Spanish manufacturer Vives are both pretty but not too girly. –
And last but not least……
Pressalit seat, or so you'd think.....

Mmmmmm, now then, looks like a fingernail huh, which is a bit weird, but it’s a loo seat! Many moons ago in the mid 90’s, I bought a resin loo seat filled with pink rose petals, and I loved it. Then lots of companies started bringing out cheap imitations which got a bit naff. I’ve still got mine in my Aladdin’s Cellar somewhere, must dig it out…

Have to say, when I saw this sparkly bit of fun, I was tempted again. I think it would have to be used in a very stylishly white bathroom, you couldn’t just stick it in any old scheme and it not look silly. So I rang the sales agents in the UK…. who were amazingly unhelpful and totally put me off ever dealing with Pressalit again! The woman there first said there is no such seat, then when I directed her to the web-site, said “that’s not in the product range, so it doesn’t exist” with “stupid person” quite clearly running through her mind. I asked her whether it should be made clearer on the site that they are images only so blogs don’t put them out there as for sale (as in fact they are doing, eg Mydeco!) but she wasn’t interested. Great shame on two counts, A) that it is only an imaginative prototype and B) that Pressalit’s UK agents weren’t so helpful, and given the emails now bouncing around, this may make a whole other blog post!!

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