Property: Ideal Home Feb 2010 with a Moregeous designed and installed classic bathroom

Queen Beeny on the front cover too, are we bound forever?!

Our Chanel / Jo Malone liner luxury bathroom is featured in February’s Ideal Home magazine, and is looking goooooood 🙂

Appointed by the client to design and install a 1930’s inspired bathroom in a six week period whilst her mum was away – came in on schedule and on budget, and stylish enough to be featured in one of the nationals. Lovely job, lovely client.

My personal favourite touches : the bespoke mirrored bath panel and shelving which I had made by a local glass company, the elegant cream & black beaded blind made specifically for this bathroom, and the stylish period taps from Sagittarius Taps.

Mrs P's outfit perfectly complimenting the design scheme!

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