Life: A proper white-out! A snow filled blog post from Manchester

I can’t remember the last time it snowed like this, not for decades in Manchester I don’t think…. I vaguely recall my dad clearing our avenue in Lancashire when I was little (i.e. my mother forcing him out to help the other dads, some things never change, only now it’s me that forces him to work when he wants to be at the golf club 🙂 ), and a flurry of snow which soon melted back in the early 90’s but NOTHING like this, and it’s fab! Fallowfield is properly crunchy underfoot, the streets are still and hushed, and the branches all heavy with overnight snow.

Of course, the camera has been out, though I haven’t gone far from home as the roads are shocking (good old Manchester City Council eh?!)…..

Manchester snow
Kinda spooky first thing, still and silent in the garden
Branches heavy with snow, almost touching the floor, very cool


The view down my Fallowfield Road, with the dawn snow tinged an eerie blue
My Japanese Acer not looking very Japanese

The birds were late out this morning, looks like everyone had a lie in, but once I’d put out water, seeds and other sundry bird type delights, they were scrapping over the feast….


Morning dawns over the snowy garden and guess who's first up, my cocky robin redbreast
His partner in crime striking a pose and puffing up his pecs for my camera
One leg and head inside the feeder, get the impression it's hungry?
Not a usual visitor to my garden, this lady chaffinch had clearly heard on the grapevine there was a free feast laid out
My pots looking strangely like frosted cupcakes
Quick trip out for bread and the streets around Fallowfield were treacherous, deserted and wonderful
Errrrrr, I don't think so 🙂
A nice bit of shelter
I really must paint that shabby chic gate, it only looks pretty in the snow!
Vine = shellshocked, may not get any grapes this year.....
Mart - "You coming out for an invigorating walk, Mia?" Mia, whose neck was thoroughly wound in: "Are you kidding me, you ridiculous man?"

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