Life: Uggs V Wellies: The Ultimate Test

Not really having enough work to do today *grimace at the blatant lie*, i.e. in dire need of some amusement apart from Twitter after being cooped up in the home office for 48hrs, I decided to run a little test, a face-off between the celebs’ favourite, the ubiquitous Ugg (snuggly, warm & fluffy) and the oft ignored, gathering dust in the back of the cupboard and just used for summer gardening (though in shorts for required sexiness) Wellington Boot.

So, in the Jet Black corner, we have the Ugg – mid-calf , worn to death and slightly shabby, a sheepskin sock promising warmth and comfort, whilst over in the Leopard Lady corner stands the Wellie – full calf height and shiny as a new penny, a plastic fantastic barrier against slush and mush………….

Round One : Deep virgin snow on the lawn

Both competitors attacked the 5 inch white carpet with glee, bouncing around the ring with fearless abandon. After ten minutes of feeding the birds and general carousing, both ladies were covered with a thick frosting. Jet Black Ugg found this hard to shake off and had to ask for out of the ring hand assistance, whilst Leopard Lady knocked it away with a couple of sharp taps at the ringside wall.

Round Two : Emergency chocolate mission

With barely enough time to recover from the virgin snow bout, both competitors were asked to leave the ring and attempt a perilous journey to the Total garage to replenish dwindling Christmas chocolate stock. Leopard Lady found that her gently ridged bottom coped better with the slippery conditions underfoot, whilst Jet Black Ugg’s smoother, more curvaceous bottom, although delightfully comfortable, had a tendency to veer off at treacherous angles.

Round Three : 100m Sprint

This was an unscheduled round, taking both competitors by surprise on the way back from the chocolate run. Vision along the home run was unrestricted and a DHL van could be seen making an unexpected delivery, forcing both girls into a joint 100m dash for home to prevent loss of the parcel. Jet Black Ugg crossed the finishing line first and both competitors coped admirably, however Leopard Lady’s superior grip ensured a vertical rather than horizontal finish.

Round Four : The One Hour temperature test

Once back into the warm, both competitiors were asked to remain in situ, or should that be feetu, for a 15 minute cool down period, then the Ugg was removed and replaced with a second Leopard Lady to equalise conditions. The feet were monitored and then checked again after 45 minutes.

After the first 15 minutes, Jet Black Ugg was slightly soggy with melted snow but surprisingly the foot temperature was relatively stable. Leopard Lady remained unaffected by dampness or water damage, as was to be expected, but there was a considerable drop in temperature to the foot concerned. After 45 minutes, the foot previously snuggled into Jet Black Ugg was still toasty warm inside the new Leopard Lady, but the original Leopard Lady toes had still not warmed back up to pre-test conditions.

The Result

For sheer wetness protection, grip and stability Leopard Lady wins feet down, and for long days out in the snow, has to be the preferred choice. However my advice would be to buy a wellie size too big, line with insoles and wear thick socks as warmth retention is dire.

Jet Black Ugg did get a bit drippy, and wouldn’t be good for long distance snow travel, however for short bursts, trips to car / work / Waitrose / garage, she has to be the choice of the day for sheer toastie temperature and quick drying ability.

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