Business: Officially now Gigless – what to do when your Mac gets Altzheimers

I underwent the full body Mac operation two years ago, and can honestly say I’m a better person for it, all systems go as opposed to most systems crashing on the old PC on a seemingly daily basis. Despite the latter being so crap, I still had to be torn from it limb by limb, with regular anaesthetic gin doses to calm my fears of new operating systems and the scary Apple World. Two short years later, I know most of the lads in the Apple store in the Trafford Centre and am so frequent a visitor, I should have been invited on the Christmas do.

Pre-Apple I’d have thought Gig, Ram and Meg were a threesome auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent, but now I’ve gotten a bit techy-cocky and pah pah lesser mortals who still don’t know their hard drive from their currently frozen solid one. Didn’t much like it this week when my MacBook suddenly spat out it’s dummy and said I’m full, and I didn’t know what to do! A quick visit to the Genius Bar at the TC confirmed that the now paltry 55GB of memory in my ageing MacBook was well and truly stuffed – and I would need ‘an upgrade’.

OK, no worries, I said, can you do that here, expecting a yes, a time and a date. Nope, said the Genius, you will need to find a ‘service provider’. Ahhh, said I, then can you recommend one? Nope, came the rather blunt response, not allowed, look on and you’ll be able to find one in Manchester. How much will it cost? I asked. Back came the reply, it’s a bit like asking how much are those biscuits? At that point I decided the Genius was a bit tapped and left clutching my Mac.

Finally got some time today to get on-line and find 5 Apple service providers in Manchester. Rang the first one, no answer. Snow halts upgrades. Rang the second one and the the guy there was, well, just woolly, you know what I mean, would commit, wouldn’t give an answer, ‘didn’t like to say’ and all that gubbins. Then said he was on his own and had a customer there and he’d call me tomorrow. He asked for my name, I said Astley, he said, Ok then, Astley, I’ll call you tomorrow. Durrrr, ok, no you won’t.

One more try, CS Systems on Chester Road (0161 872 0921, and total result. The guy there talked me through double checking to see it was definitely a hard drive upgrade issue (it was) and then explained the different options. Also that this is a common problem – the new Macs have over 250GB memory as standard now, user requirements in terms of music / films / photographs are so much more than they were a couple of years ago, the older Macs just cannot cope and need more memory. I was more than a touch concerned at how much it would cost but was pleasantly surprised – £69 labour and approx £55 for 250GB, and £75 for 500GB.

I’m planning on starting to download some films and being able to save more stuff to the MacBook, so am opting for the 500GB.

Result, and lesson learned, I should’ve done this a few months ago when it started to refuse to download upgrades. I do think that the Genius in the Apple shop could have told me it would cost circa £100 – £150 or given me a bit of a clue at least, bit jobsworth of him, but you can’t have everything, they are for the most part truly wonderous.

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  1. Apple sent me a standard email form to fill in about my ‘recent experience’, so I did, and the manager Peter just called me for a chat! Oooo, they are so good, aren’t they, got this customer service thing off to a tee, impressed.

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