Design: What would you expect to find in a shoe box?!

Minus 15 last night in parts of Manchester, quite ridiculous! The heating was fired up through the night, rendering us all dormice incapable of getting up at an early hour. It was only the postie knock which got us up, ok, got Mr Moregeous up, and when he came back upstairs, he tossed a black box on the bed and said in a somewhat accusatory fashion “It’s a box for you, been buying SHOES???”

Now, like the rest of the world we are on an economy drive and new shoes are definitely crossed off the shopping list for the moment, but in my hazy state, I racked my brains – I must have ordered some whilst drunk? distracted? asleep?….

Rack your brains, Mia, when did I last order shoes?!!!!

Though not yet fully awake, I was conscious enough both to both try and maintain innocence and deny fiddling the household budget. However, with a guilty smile, I opened up the box, expecting to find something like this:

Mmmmmm, sauciness....

And even the cat was surprised when instead I found this:

I knew I hadn't ordered shoes!!

Guttering! I was delighted and exonerated at the same time, off the wrecking the budget hook and in receipt of the hot-off-the-press, perfect-for-a-listed-building cast iron look downpipe samples for Rose Cottage. Mr M rolled his eyes with a ‘only you would be excited to get plastic gutters instead of shoes’ look on his face. The sample has been sent by Steph at Hunters Plastics and the product, Foundry Finish, isn’t even in the shops yet (that for me is more thrilling than the waiting list for boots on Net-a-Porter). It’s a guttering system designed to look like cast iron, but without all the draw-backs (heavy, expensive, hard to work with) as it’s made from plastic. Looks good too:

Am I a saddo? I am, I know it.

Do I care? Nope!

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