Life: An OPK week, with some Spencer Tunick naked art thrown in!

Still giggling at the fact I’ve even applied for this, plus, of course, secretly registered Mr Moregeous to do it with me. It looks like a brilliant experience, notwithstanding the fact it’ll involve getting naked on a inevitably freezing cold May Bank Holiday weekend in Salford / Manchester. I eventually told Mr M, who wryly smiled and informed me he already knew I’d done something daft as he’d had a confirmation email sent to his phone. Luckily he saw the funny side and asked me if I’d be going to the gym every day for the next month, then everyone else has asked if I’d be getting a spray tan, cheeky sods.

You can see a very entertaining video of the Sydney installation here:

The rest of the week has been a bit more down to earth and pretty much OPK focused – Other People’s Kitchens!

One of the tasks was to get the flooring to site for Helen and Stuart’s kitchen at Belford and this week’s fabulous sunshine allowed us to get the slate seal on before the tiles were laid – always preferable, but not always possible. Spreading out the tiles like this before they are laid also allows you to hand pick the tiles most full of personality, the ones with lovely ridges or patterns, and lay those in the most prominent areas of the floor. Some people want the plainest tiles, but most are picking slate for a reason, because it’s a natural product with all the beauty given by nature’s imperfections.

Stuart deliberating over which tiles to pick and Karol busy sealing
In Ikea and Helen smiled knowingly "Stuart's so happy, he thinks he's got his own way on this whole kitchen designing thing but I know better....."

Belford's awkward corner, there's always a challenge in every kitchen. and this is it!

Whilst over at Goulden, the upstairs bathroom was ready to be plastered but for some weird and wonderful reason, the alarm engineers had positioned the control box in the water tank cupboard which has now been removed, so it’s totally in the way of the new bathroom design. The below manoeuvre  involved me standing on a chair with a cardboard box on my head whilst Mr M cut a hole in the floor to pass the alarm box down through the kitchen ceiling, so it can be repositioned in one of the kitchen cupboards. Sod’s Law dictated there wasn’t enough cable to just neatly and temporarily fix it to the green wall so it’s balanced on the top of a laundry rack until the kitchen is ripped out next week!

And the latest addition to the Moregeous week of OPK’s is the somewhat dated Brighton Grove, a two bed rental which Mrs P needs updating ready for new tenants – quotes being gathered, plans being made and Mr M will be ripping it out sometime next week. We’ve been through whether it can be saved but just about everything is in the wrong place. Vintage maybe a good look for fabric and clothing, but 1980’s kitchens are a whole other thing 🙂

Plus there’s a new bathroom at Brighton to plan and install to replace this one:

My god, no wonder I woke up with a headache this morning. Make that every morning!

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