Design – Limestone & walnut bathroom almost in at Brighton

Brighton Court is a two bed rental flat which we’ve been working on for 3 weeks and it has about two weeks to go. We’ve installed a new kitchen, which is being tiled as I write and the flat will also be fully redecorated and have new carpets, etc., once the messy work is finished. The client didn’t want anything too funky so opted for a classic design, limestone effect ceramic tiles with walnut panelling to the bath. This walnut detail will also be carried through to shelving in the bathroom and in the rest of the flat. I redesigned this bathroom on paper 5 times before getting it right, it was a buggar, lots of different consideration to incorporate.

No matter how many times I hear about cutting costs and ‘bog-standard rentals’ and not being ‘too personal’, I absolutely maintain that a little thought and design flair DOES ensure a better quality of tenant, more care of your rental by that tenant, and ultimately more rent and less void periods. This apartment has been totally transformed in the last couple of weeks and when we’re done, I’m confident the rent will go up – I promise to be honest if the owner Mrs P will allow figures to be revealed!

Before image of bathroom:

Today’s going to be a cleaning day, the three boys who were at a three bedder I rent out have left it in a bit of a state so it’s to be revamped and sorted out. I’ve got a Moregeous first this week as well – re-upholstering a ten year old sofa.The material covering our rather sorry looking Habitat sofa below (which from my pictures looked to be in good nick when the boys moved in!) is now knackered, torn and faded. God only knows what they’ve done to it but under the fabric it still seems in good nick so I am loathe to throw it away. I’ve found a re-upholsterers who will re-cover the sofa and the chair for £400 + VAT if I provide the material. This is cheaper than buying another sofa and chair, plus prevents me from chucking away a perfectly sound piece of furniture – excellent! I’ll post the after images when it’s all finished, currently trying to stop myself getting some sexy chocolate and lime green fabric and stick to sensible black, dull, dull, dull!!

Had a bit of a shock yesterday which requires a blog of it’s own but first, off to toilet cleaning. Again.

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  1. Hi there! Just wanna say that i like the post and the pics.
    They are awesome. The bathroom is simple yet looks nice.
    Thanks, I will surely read your other posts.

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