Photographic Tourette’s when I see Manchester’s own AbFab Patsy

It's me in 40 years!

Mr Moregeous is quite used to my Photographic Tourette’s, on holiday I’ll suddenly shout Stop The Bloody Car! when I’ve spotted a fabulous view, random wildlife snap or unusual property, but it doesn’t occur that often in Manchester. It happened on the way to a job the other day though, when I saw a vision of myself in 40 years. There, painting her gate in the sunshine with the stubbiest brush I’d ever seen, was the marvellous Patsy, fully made up and dressed in a very stylish checkered pastel blue decorating jacket. The phrase Absolutely Fabulous came to mind. I asked her nicely if I could take her photo and she graciously agreed, though stating it better not go in the paper as she thought she looked a state! We spoke for a while and she told me that she had to paint her gate because her husband, a joiner who’d done everything around the house, died last year, he had ‘left her’ she said, clearly still upset, but getting on with it. I thought she was quite superb.

If I’m still painting my own gate when I’m Patsy’s age, I’ll be a very happy woman. I fear that not many of the young women today’s society is churning out will ever either know how to paint a gate, or be bothered to do so.

3 thoughts on “Photographic Tourette’s when I see Manchester’s own AbFab Patsy

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  1. Love this!

    Thanks for sharing. I particularly love how she’s doing it herself and hasn’t called someone in to do it for her.

    Although I’m not good with soft materials and textiles (ironic considering I come from a family of sewing machinists), I can assemble anything and paint for Britain.

    Three cheers for Abfab Patsy!

  2. When i saw this i could believe it! im so glad that people have commented on this saying how much they like her, i am the grand-daughter of Patsy and you have manged to caputer her in not quite all her glory but something like that. Everything she does is done herself and i wish that i will be able to be like her when i am her age.

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