Tips: Madge avoids central heating sludge with Kabbalah Water

Presuming Madonna hadn't instructed them to refill the Med with Kabbalah water before she took a dip?!

A few weeks ago, I’d a major issue with heating suppliers Heatline over some ropey boilers, which was eventually resolved with the kind interjection of Buildbase and quite a lot of kicking off by yours truly. There are a tonne of blogs about not resorting to using cheap boilers to save a couple of hundred quid as the decision will come back and bite you on the arse eventually, however I’d ignored them all at my peril 3yrs ago and gone down the cheapo route. The three Heatline boilers I’d bought were circa £500 each as opposed to the £700/750 for a Worcester and I’ve had quite a few problems with them. Though the majority of problems are to do with failing parts – and my failing heart when Heatline told me they charge £250 for a home visit to check and fix a faulty boiler out of warranty (excluding some parts) – there was one interesting piece of info which the very helpful Maintenance Guru told me about.

Most people know that when you have a central heating system fitted, you need to get a GasSafe expert to do the job properly and that there are a number of stages to the process once the boiler and rads are on the walls. But how about this – these days, what you really should do is also add in a product called MagnaClean Professional at the time the boiler is first fitted. The Maintenance Guru – who had nothing to gain from the information he was giving me – said that once systems are fitted this is the checklist:

  • Flush through once with hot water
  • Flush through once with cold water
  • Then a chemical clean – Sentinel or Fernox
  • Then a corrosion inhibitor
  • Only then fill the system
  • On top of that, a MagnaClean type product, by virtue of it’s magnetic qualities, will remove the suspended black iron oxide / ferrous sludge which builds up in the system. If left this can build up and create loss of efficiency, fuel wastage and ultimately stop the boiler from working.

When the Maintenance Guru showed me all the metal bits he’d cleaned from inside one of our boilers I was shocked, so I reckon that on a new system which doesn’t have a built-in filter system, a MagnaClean is a very good idea. Gradually the amount of sludge collected will decrease dramatically though I guess this doesn’t mean you can then remove the MagnaClean and fit it to another newly installed boiler 😉

Only one question remains – has Madge got a MagnaClean for her boiler or had she found a new way of keeping it clear from sludge? Because according to reports today, her Madgeship has demanded her central heating system be filled with holy Kabbalah water costing somewhere in the region of £5000. Does she know something we don’t? Has Madonna the direct number for the Heaven Heating Hotline?

Pound to a penny the oft-criticised British Gas  will be offering this warranty protecting service to pensioners for the bargain price of £7,500 by summer 2010 though. My advice, get your heating engineer to fit one for circa £100 at the time of installation to remain MadgeSludge free 🙂

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  1. I think if Central Heating Systems were installed and flushed like the manufacturers state then it’s true that the life of the boilers could be extended. The presence quality inhibitor prevents the corrosion and rusting of your radiators from the inside. It also acts as a lubricant for the pump, helping to increase its life. With a completely new heating system with the correct dosage of inhibitor (sentinal or Fernox) then there really shouldn’t be a great deal of sludge forming in the system. The problem is that there are not enough companies that actually carry out a power flush as they should. They don’t add the inhibitors as they should so they save on the penny’s (How are the customers to know). I think allot of places would rather the boilers not last for 5 years or so, so they can repair them.
    The magnaclean are an excellent addition to a new or updated central heating system. If correctly installed with a quality power flush then the magnaclean should if needed, be cleaned with the annual service. It is also a visible indication to the customer that there heating system water is of good quality.
    Definitely think that Madge has the right idea, holy Kabbalah water costing somewhere in the region of £5000 is a bargain compared to some of the prices charged lol.

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