Design – Finding the perfect worktop for an Ikea Solar kitchen

It’s been very busy this week in the Moregeous world of property and interiors. Marcin (my builder) is trapped in Poland as a result of the volcanic ash cloud, which has left me ‘in charge’ of some decisions on his sites, it must be driving him mad not to be able to get back to check on things, I’d be going insane if I were him, control freak that I am.

All that remains to do at Project Brighton is skim the ceilings and I can’t take any photo’s so far as both new kitchen and bathroom are rammed full of furniture from the living room to allow that room to be skimmed. I’ve got three rental flats empty so there’s a major cleaning frenzy and stress to get them let quickly. Luckily my flats do usually shift quite fast. I read the most horrifying figures the other day in this article in The Telegraph. According to Knight Frank, residential property experts, the average time taken for a void property to agree a tenancy is down from 83 days in late 2009 to 70 this year, and 52 for tenancies just finalised in April 2010. 52 days???!!! I’d bloody shoot myself if it took me 52 days to fill a flat. Christ, I have kittens if they are empty for a week! Fancy city centre letting agents, eh? I rest my unspoken case.

On the interiors side Project Goulden is coming on a treat and it was decision time today:

The Ikea Solar doors to the right of the above picture are just lovely but are an absolute buggar to match a work surface to. In store Ikea have fitted  them with a white high gloss work surface which is mega bucks and white high gloss is known to scratch very easily so we didn’t want to pay £££ prices in case it needs replacing in a couple of years. I’ve mixed in the Solar accent doors and drawers which will be at under counter level with white high gloss doors (left hand side of above image though they look a bit blue in this picture – they’re not!) to the tall cabinets and the wall cabinets. Sooooooooo, the challenge was to find a worktop.

Stainless steel? Too costly and client not a fan.

White high gloss somewhere cheaper than Ikea? Couldn’t find.

White matt finish as in the centre top above? It’s hard to tell from the image but matt just doesn’t look right with the gloss doors and Solar.

And then Eureka!! An Axiom by Formica in Antique White worktop sample I found was just perfect, toned well with the Solar timber, complemented the high gloss of the doors. Godammit, I’m good 😉 It arrives tomorrow, pictures to follow. At £120 for a 3.6m length we needed two, but I got the client a great deal on all her appliances so she was a happy bunny ( I hope!).

New jobs on the horizon too, a bathroom, a kitchen and a garden re-design, as well as a great lunch brainstorming with Ric from THEN I measured up to redesign one of the flats bought last year which is in urgent need of refurbishment. What a productive day! This calls for a glass of wine in the sunshine then a spot of Desperate Housewives, methinks.

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