How to cut wooden Venetian blinds to fit your window

Cutting wooden blinds to size
Me merrily snipping away!

I was asked recently how I’d cut down an Ikea timber blind to fit inside an existing timber reveal, where the window was narrower than the blind. Ikea’s blinds come in standard 60cm, 80cm, 100cm and 120cm lengths, so what if your window is 94cm or 110cm wide? Obviously you don’t want to use a narrower blind because then there would be huge ugly gaps on either side. As with the style of window below, it isn’t the best option to hang a wider blind on the outside of the window reveal as then it would sit on top of the radiator blocking the heat. And they look a bit rubbish that way too!

Internal Ikea window blind at Rose Cottage

I’m not going to go through all the boring bracket hanging instructions which you can read in the Ikea booklet – it’s the actual cutting of each individual slat which seems to cause people a problem and scare them off. It is a bit of a pain in the bum and does take a while but it’s worth it. Basically, once you’ve got the brackets up, you measure the distance to cut the main hanging bar from bracket to bracket. Lie the blind, closed up so all the slats are together, flat on the floor and mark with a pencil the main bar and the first 7 or 8 slats to the size you want (on the rear side so no pencil shows on the front). Use a metal hacksaw to cut the main bar, then here’s my tip.

Method One

I use tin snips like giant scissors to cut the first 5-10 or so slats (a little dependent on how deep your window reveal is)when the blind is not hung. SAVE the very first one from each side which you cut and mark them L for LEFT and R for RIGHT according to which side you’ve snipped them from.

Use the strings to fully open the blind. Hang the main bar in the brackets so the first few slats sit inside the reveal, but the rest are still uncut and hang outside, where they are easy to cut. Then use the Left Snipped piece as a measure/template to snip down the left hand side of the slats all the way down, then the Right Snipped piece to snip down the right hand side of the slats all the way down… do you see?  No? Watch the video!:

What you’ll maybe find is that the window reveal isn’t a perfect equal distance all the way down and if the slats are marginally too wide you can snip a tiny bit off the make them fit perfectly.

Snips are just like scissors, you may find you get a better cleaner cut on the left side as opposed to the right or vice versa. If this is the case, try turning the snips upside down as the blade position may mean a sharper cut. If it’s still slightly rough (maybe your snips are older and aren’t so sharp) it may be better to cut from back to front on that particular side so take the blind out of the brackets and get someone (with strong arms and a chair!) to hold the blind up in the air while you cut that side.

I use these Stanley Straight pattern tin snips which you can get on-line or in DIY stores, and have cut LOADS of blinds this way so the Moregeous Method definitely works!

Method 2

You can cut the whole lot sitting on the floor if you aren’t comfortable using ladders, just make sure the pencil line hits every slat as you first draw it and make sure your snip is straight not wonky. I use both methods to be honest, depending on whether I’m feeling lazy or not 😉

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    1. So pleased you found it useful, Sybaris! It’s by far and away the best way I’ve found to do it, makes sense to invest in these snips if you do a few blinds, like me!

  1. Hi I purchased these blinds yesterday and I have had to buy 3 lots of 60cm as my window is 176. Your tip is fab, thank you. As the window is in 3 sections do you think the 3 blinds will look ok??

    1. There are companies on line which will make blinds for windows that wide, tap in Blinds Online into Google. I’ve used them and the quality is good.
      Three 60cm blinds might look a bit odd, at the very least you’ll need to ensure they are central, thus to get them within the reveal, you’d need to cut 2-3cm off the RHS of one blind, and the LHS of another, leaving a full one in the middle. Or fix them on the outside of the window reveal so the blinds sit on the outside & you might not need to cut? Best if there no radiator underneath.
      Hope that helps!
      Best of luck x

  2. Hi I am about to buy blinds for all windows. I want the best venetian blind and don’t mind to pay more. Would recommend any shop? Are Ikea blinds OK? Thanks

    1. Hi Ashraf, there are many many companies selling Venetian blinds but for rentals to keep costs reasonable, I choose Ikea. If they are for your home and you don’t mind paying a little more, maybe a blinds company local to you, or John Lewis, for more choice in designs and finishes?

  3. Hello & thank you for the demonstration! I have awkward smaller window alcoves which are 63cm and 49cm. Do you think this is achievable with 80cm and 60cm blinds or will it cut too close to the string?

    1. Hi Michael, best bet is to take the measurement of your window to Ikea and double check as they have all the blinds on display. I’m renovating our home at the moment so don’t have any blinds handy! Sian

    2. On the 63cm one it sounds very tight, you might have to get a 60 blind and have a 15mm gap either side? You’d need to check in store about the 49cm one x

  4. hi, whats your advise on this,,,,,,,,i have a really nice cedar blind that need cutting down,,,but quite a bit,,like past the first string line. im not sure how they work but since this is going into a bathroom, it will always be extended. it is 2m long and it needs to be cut down by 200mm. be glad of your help!. thanks Monica

    1. Hi Monica, really hard to advise without seeing images hon, I’m not sure you can make blinds narrower past the string. Do you mean 2m wide? If so you could take 10cm off each side rather than 20cm off one side? X

  5. Are you really cutting a timber blind with the tin Stanley scissors, because in video it look like metal or plastic? Please respond.

  6. I’m amazed at how nicely they turned out! I’d be scared to do this myself – I’d be worried I’d end up ruining the blinds somehow. Honestly I’m surprised none of the blinds splintered or split or anything like that. I suppose that just means your snips were nice and sharp 🙂

    1. Hi Mark, even if they splinter ever so slightly, if you cut the slats the ‘right’ way up, the slight grooves are on the underside and can’t be seen. But yes, sharp snips are the best, not a manky old pair 😉

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