Life: The Christmas festivities begin in West Didsbury

The Christmas switch on - Burton Road, West Didsbury

I can’t remember a more festive beginning to the month of December than this year, it’s been absolutely perfect. Firstly, snow. Yes, I know it can be a bummer for business and terrible for traffic, but it’s just so blinkin Christmassy! We’ve only had a little flurry here, a single day of flakes, but it’s created a lovely feel to the start of the season. Hearing the children sing carols on Burton Road as Clint Boon hosted the Burton Road switch-on was made all the more festive with a sprinkling of snow on the ground.

Clint Boon hits the ground running and starts the countdown 🙂

And then to the holly and ivy….. the Flower Lounge hosted a Christmas evening last week and I went along to get some inspiration from all things lusciously floral. I’m an early starter when it comes to decorations, they’re always up on the first weekend in December and the shop had a copper tinged flower which sealed my Xmas deal – my traditional red baubles were going to be ditched for rich coppers and shimmering bronze!

The Flower Lounge, Didsbury
Free wine, free cupcakes, need I say more?!
Someone sticking close to the primary area of interest....
Sian in the foreground keeping her Flower Lounge guests entertained
Coppery tinged flowers to the right.....

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