Property: UWDC, I finally give up, 6 months to change a faulty meter!

I absolutely give up and though this girl has tried her best to help me get a broken electric meter replaced, she is up against a brick wall working for this crazy company. I finally sent this email today…..

Dear Susanne,

I have now entirely given up trying to get this faulty meter changed by UWDC. I first made UWDC aware of this problem on the 12th June 2010. It’s now six months down the line and I have wasted vast amounts of both time and energy trying to get a new meter fitted. It’s pathetic that UWDC haven’t managed to accomplish this straightforward procedure. I recognise that you have also tried to sort this out but, it seems, have also given up

Last weekend some tenants moved out of a property I have in Didsbury and the meter was found to be faulty. British Gas had changed it by Friday. It was that simple. 4 days. 4.

My tenants linked to this property are in limbo and I look inept. This is not my most favourite of looks. I have copied them into this email.

The last readings I gave UWDC were on 31 October 2009 –  33236 and 68241. I presume you have more recent ones as meter readers often called at the property. You have previously had all the dates for tenants, I won’t bore you with them again.

I have instructed Scottish Power to take over this account. They inform me that this meter problem does not preclude them from doing that.

I hope this will resolve this ridiculous situation.

Regards, Sian Astley

But funnier was that the other week, after I’d posted an angry anti-UWDC rant, I got this email from them, scolding me like a naughty school prefect being threatened with badge removal:

Dear Sian

It has come to my attention that you have been posting disparaging or derogatory statements about Telecom Plus online, namely on Twitter and on web blogs.

I would like to remind you that this is in breach of our Policies and Procedures (see 5.1 Behaviour).

Please consider this as a first and final warning. Any future breach of this policy could result in the termination of your position.

Could you please acknowledge your receipt of this e-mail and confirm that any such remarks have been removed from both Twitter & any other web blogs.

With Regards

Wayne Coupland, Executive Services Director

Well THAT wasn’t very friendly and purple chocolate piggy like. So I asked this:

Hello Wayne,

But these are simply my opinions as a customer given the nightmares I have had with UWDC.

‘My position’. Which position is this?

And the reply was:

Good afternoon Sian

This email is in reference to your position as an Executive

Sound good huh? Sounds like a Very Important Title? It bloody isn’t!!!! My reply was…..

Then please divest me of this position, which you consider as a positive asset, and I don’t.

It has never benefitted me in any way, it has never made me any money, and being part of UWDC has caused me and my tenants nothing but hassle.
‘Executive’? Are you having a laugh, Wayne? Nothing but hassle, no money made and headaches to boot and you think I give a twiddle about being an Executive??!!
Honest to god, you couldn’t make it up could you? It’s only being horrendously busy which is stopping me moving all the tenants accounts to another utility company… please Father Christmas, give me some time for Christmas, so I can finally get rid of this MILLSTONE!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Property: UWDC, I finally give up, 6 months to change a faulty meter!

Add yours

  1. They dont like it up em!
    I’ve listed ALL energy suppliers recent price increases on facebook and on twitter – UWDC dont like it announced that their gas price has gone up – check twitter and see if any of their 30000+ executives have mentioned this fact!

    1. The meters are indeed owned by A.N.Other and not UWDC but it is UWDC’s responsibility (spelt correctly this time) to arrange for them to be changed and one goes through UWDC or whoever your supplier is to arrange that. This is where UWDC’s ridiculous system falls down as they couldn’t organise a proverbial in a brewery.
      But thank you, Steve, for your kind words of encouragement.

  2. This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read:

    “I would like to remind you that this is in breach of our Policies and Procedures (see 5.1 Behaviour).”

    Yes Wayne, you are indeed master of the pricks.
    Perhaps Steve is your assistant?

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