Food: Heaven is finding yourself on a cake tasting panel

Apple and Amaretto Cake - a truly melting moment pudding

Regular readers of the Moregeous blog will have noticed a few recurring themes: property renovations, events in West Didsbury, random injuries…. and cake. As a confessed self-employed stresshead, cake plays a major role in my life for it’s comforting, uplifting, fortifying and pleasuring qualities, it never fails to make me smile. Unless it has jam in it, which gets wiped off, yuk. This cup-cake revolution has been endlessly delightful, otherwise boring events take a whole new turn when you spot an iced up tower of sweetness in the corner!

So imagine my delight to win a place on a cake tasting panel, can you even think of anything better? I’ve been a judge on property competitions, craft exhibitions, business events, but this, whoah, this was the Everest of judging 🙂 Now I know how the panel on the Great British Bake-Off felt, sublimely self-satisfied.

The windows were all steamed up on a very cold Sunday at And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, West Didsbury’s newest business, a delicious little bakery run by Anna Gill. Elen, my sweet toothed friend, and I joined the other red nosed, glowing panel members and took our places at the lovely 50’s style tables to Get Cakey. The great thing about being a taster was that I tried things other than my regular favourites. I’m a chocolate / vanilla type, rarely plumping for anything fruity but the Apple and Amaretto pictured above was moist, subtle and delicious. There were four other puddings to try: a Chocolate Amaretti Torte, Xmas cupcakes, Festive Rocky Road and a Plum, Almond and Marzipan slice, and the eating commenced….


An orderly queue formed, so British!
Anna serves up a slice to her junior taster panel member

4 full portions later: the Torte was soft and gooey inside with a perfect crisp topping, the Rocky Road decadent with rich dark chocolate, marshmallows and macadamias, and the Xmas cupcakes a real surprise, delicate ginger hinted sponge with a brandy butter icing, then filled inside with mincemeat – a bit of a triumph! I was just too damn full for the Plum Slice 🙂

Too full for the Plum Slice, but the Torte was to die for!


Christmas specials


Filling out the comment cards...

We all beavered away with our comments cards, trying to conjure up suitably expressive descriptions for the delights we’d just tasted, conjuring up thoughts of Nigella and what she might say, then realising she’d just lick her lips lasciviously and eat another one 🙂 Incidentally I can’t believe I just missed seeing her the other week at a book singing, think she’s magnificent, lovely piccie taken here by my talented pal Jonathan….

Nigella Lawson book signing, image by Jonathan Farber, The Knutsford Times
And so our cake tasting came to an end, what a fabulous way to while away a couple of hours. I highly recommend trying out Anna’s wares at the bakery on Burton Road, it’s just opposite the Co-op. Personally I’ll be ordering some Baileys Dream and Orange Cointreau cupcakes for our post-Christmas dinner treat, I don’t mind doing the roast, but I’ll leave the baking to the experts!
Christmas cupcakes

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