Reno Xmas? Tick :)

Nailed it. 'Scuse the DIY pun but yep, that's Christmas Day completed in chaos and with a great feeling of very full satisfaction! Mr M & I proved to ourselves that a full roast festive dinner can be prepped with only an oven and no hob, and that the big day can be just as much fun when surrounded... Continue Reading →

Yey, Christmas Tree. Boo, Not Here.

Neither he nor I can quite believe that we're still living in building site chaos a whole year after this, but life has conspired to make our renovation go a little slower than anticipated, plus we're doing a lot more work than originally planned. How we laughed last year at sad old us not having anywhere... Continue Reading →

Christmas deadlines are looming!

Well, 'somebody' doesn't really mind about Christmas decorations and whether to go retro, industrial, natural or vintage this year, he'd just be happy with the turkey plonked right about there, on the floor, with no trimmings 😉 It's deadline city at Moregeous this week, with three jobs to complete: ~ An apartment fully altered, redecorated,... Continue Reading →

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