Yey, Christmas Tree. Boo, Not Here.

Neither he nor I can quite believe that we’re still living in building site chaos a whole year after this, but life has conspired to make our renovation go a little slower than anticipated, plus we’re doing a lot more work than originally planned. How we laughed last year at sad old us not having anywhere to put a festive tree, with all our decs in a shipping container miles away. Yep, you guessed it, no tree this year either…. would you put one in this room?IMG_2536.JPGHowever all is not lost. As chief decorator down at our Baths, it would have been rude not to go all out for our first community run Christmas and bag ourselves a super special tree. We put her up on Sunday and she’s a beauty!IMG_2522I’ve always had real trees at home but after some deliberation went down the faux tree route, mainly because it’s in a public place, pine needles and small children, ease of use next year etc etc. And not least because ‘fake’ trees are now so darned nice looking. I chose the Bailess Berry & Cone  from John Lewis, loving the little red berries on the end of the branches which fitted with the red circles in the LWB branding. And it was reduced too, I cannot resist a bargain! It looked so beautiful against our heritage tiles I almost forgot to feel down about not having my own.IMG_2521IMG_2512Anyhow, enough faffing with festivities, there’s a baffled looking man in a weird hat who needs my assistance with 13 more joists. As I mentioned on Twitter earlier today, this is one dining room which definitely won’t be ready for a turkey on the 25th.IMG_2528-0

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