Festive sparkles & filthy screed – on the same day!

You can’t tell me that there’s another interiors blog which would feature the glamour of Liberty’s Christmas lights  and a bucket of sludge in the same post because I wouldn’t believe you! Sometimes even I marvel at the diversity of Team Moregeous’s days 🙂

Santa’s Elf & Safety wasn’t compromised with Mini-M footing the ladder down at the Baths as I strung up the new festive lights along with our very own LED Prancer. Understated for 2013, but we’re dreaming of the day that our lights rival the spectacular display at luscious Liberty……… Yep, we’re dreaming BIG!

Christmas lights at Withington Baths

Then it was a quick dash off to Project Polka where the bathroom second fit is now happening: the bath is in, the panelling for the walls is being fixed and it’s starting to look like a room not a building site.  Everything has to be done in exactly the right order to ensure it all runs quickly & smoothly, the next jobs towards the end of this week will be tiling around the bath and painting the panelling before the loo & basin can go in. Our client loves metro tiles and wants a simple, white finish, an effective foil for the blue panelling and polka dot flooring. Still a bit of choice though, between the shorter, boxier subway tiles I’ve fitted before and a longer more elegant version.


I ran a Twitter poll and almost everyone, including client, opted for the top one. Would that have been your choice?

Whilst picking up the tiles in Topps, I also like these blue & white patterned tiles, they reminded me of Morocco so much! Plus thought these slate effect ceramic tiles a clever and affordable interpretation of linear slate, much easier to clean too.

Finally at 6pm, was it time to go home and celebrate my birthday? Was it heck.


Nine buckets of self levelling compound later, the kitchen floor, battered by hacking off the unwanted slate tiles and cement-like adhesive, was a smooth as a baby’s bottom and ready for the kitchen units go in. Living the dream, I tell you 😉

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  1. Not only do we share interests….I think we share blog templates!!!
    Enjoying your blog….takes me back to this time last year when we started on our extension….hang in there…its worth it!

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