A Lady Letterbox who deserves FAR better post than any red top tabloid :)

I wrote a few weeks ago about a lovely letter box find at one of the Victorian houses I rent out, where, buried under years of white paint we could barely even make out the word ‘Letters’ which are so clear now. Once once they’d been blow torched away in situ in the door, I realised why the postie had such trouble with A4 deliveries – they hadn’t been invented when this perfect but undersized beauty was made 🙂

She looked better without the white top coats but was still filthy and burnt. DIY TLC was required in the Moregeous garden with some Nitromors and a toothbrush. Trick here is not to do this first thing in the morning and forget where to put the tooth brush as Nitromors really will get your teeth clean.

Slowly the paint stripper lifted away all the undercoat and grime…..

But even when the stripper had worked his caustic magic, more work was needed to polish our little letterbox up to her original shine. Mr M got to work with the drill and a wire brush attachment:

You can see the difference above where the wire brush got into all the nooks and crannies, taking away any paint residue and rusty bits. Finally a touch of elbow grease and some Brasso gave a lustrous, shiny finish to a letterbox which, let’s face it deserves far better than any red top tabloid 😉

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