Boring old kitchen doors + blackboard paint = new tenant noticeboards!

I smile when I say it and know Mr M’s going to roll his eyes and whistle the tune to Steptoe, but I honestly mean every word when I murmur “It might come in useful one day, I’ll just pop it in the cellar….” Well, this time, it DID come in useful! Those cruddy pale kitchen unit doors taken out of a client’s kitchen before a renovation caught my eye for some reason so down into the cellar they went to gather dust for a few months until the latest Moregeous brainwave / madcap idea.

They weren’t very exciting, as you can see, with a sort of pearlised timber finish, but the frame-like surround was quite attractive. That, coupled with some herbs ripe for picking, spaces on the walls in our communal tenanted hallways, a tin of International blackboard paint and a sunny day  equalled a good excuse to practice my upcycling skills. I cleaned and sanded the frames, making sure they were nice and dry then undercoated them in white. As the timber work in our hallways is Pale Walnut, I used that in a satinwood finish to paint the frames then carefully started to fill in the central section using a steady hand to do the edges first.

Although the paint can be one coat on a dark surface, I used three to get a good solid colour on white undercoat, using a brush to do the edges then a narrow sponge roller for the middle. It’s all water based so even though it’s black, you can clean off brushes etc easily (though do use an undercloth as it will stain pale surfaces!)

We screwed through the original handle holes using black screws to fit the blackboards to the walls and voila, cheap, cheerful and changeable new noticeboards on all the communal hallways, where we can let tenants know about local events or even what’s growing in the Moregeous garden!

It makes a difference, I think, when landlords care about their properties and their tenants. Don’t think I could do it any other way really. Seeing Mia on the Close The Doors pictures every day makes me smile too 🙂

Blackboard paint available here:


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