How to use an old picture frame to make a hallway blackboard

Gone a bit potty with the blackboard paint this week and had great fun 🙂

After creating some blackboards with old kitchen doors, I found an old frame which had no glass, one of those things just waiting to come in handy, i.e. gathering dust in a corner. There was a spare wall in one of our tenanted communal hallways crying out for something interesting so out came the blackboard paint, this time straight onto the wall. I held the frame on the wall in the position I wanted it to hang, drew a pencil line inside where the paint needed to be and started to paint…

Three coats later, with the paint fully dry, I stuck the light frame to the wall, giving somewhere for tenants to find out about the grow-your-own outside in the garden and local events going on – fab!
I then spent the rest of the day getting covered in sawdust whilst sanding down a Robinia bench and external shelves for a rooftop terrace…. with a 30min break to dash back to another property where dad had rung to say there was a police raid going on! We tore down the road at *slightly* over the speed limit to find that it wasn’t a raid at all, just some lads in a car who were being followed by the police and had turned into the car park behind our flats to hide their stash! Oh the joys of renting in the city and having a dad who wants to be in CSI…..

Buy your blackboard paint here:

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  1. There should be a ‘Perfect Landlord’ contest, you’d win hands down. Especially with so many dodgy ones out there.

    You spoil yours, but I bet it is appreciated.

    J x

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