New diamond pattern slate path for tenants: signed, sealed and delivered

I bought and developed a property five years ago which didn’t get my full attention, unusual in Moregeousland. I’d just had a car accident and injured my back so was a lot more hands off than usual for quite a long time. Sometimes when things aren’t done properly, it takes a while for the resulting problems to surface, as with the slate external surfaces on the front path and terrace areas of this development. The tilers didn’t lay the slates correctly, using poorly mixed sand and cement rather than adhesive, laying them too close to properly grout properly – the external areas have been an on-going ‘mare, with tiles constantly coming loose. Finally gave up on repairs and ripped the lot up this month, well not ripped exactly! Rather taken up carefully to be re-used wherever possible… think we need a rotivator for the soil areas too!

Stripped of old tiles and cleaned down
Laid, grouted but pre-brick acid
Post brick acid, pre-seal

A combination of new and the old tiles were re-laid on the stripped & cleaned up path using a good quality adhesive and then all cleaned down thoroughly with brick acid to get all the old cement off. Lovely job this, I should know, I did it,using silk gloves under my marigolds to protect my hands. Well, a girls’ gotta have nice nails somehow eh?!
The path was then brushed down again before it was slate sealed. I use Lithofin MN Slate-seal and have had great results both inside and out, though the manufacturers only guarantee its use inside. Used it on a path 5yrs ago and it still looks fab even though it gets lots of traffic. The difference in colour and sheen is amazing, plus the tiles stay clean and don’t get moss or black grime sticking to them once sealed.

Half way through the slate seal, silky gloves in place ๐Ÿ˜€

Finally the external areas are looking as good at the apartments do inside!

Moregeous Likes : Lithofin MN Slate Seal

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