Finished timber shelves up on the tenants’ resurrected terrace

How can anyone not love the knots, grain and perfect imperfections of real wood, it just knocks laminate or any fake replacements into a cocked hat everytime. Of course, it’s not practical for every job and can be cost prohibitive on large pieces of furniture, especially in the rental market, but it’s such a delight to use whenever circumstances allow.

When we moved into our wreck of a home, it had been rented out and not touched since the 80’s. It had a curious bed deck construction that had been cobbled together from a zillion different offcuts of timber, most of which couldn’t be re-used, but when we dismantled it, there were a few interesting looking slices which I saved for a rainy day – five years later! This piece below was filthy and roughly varnished so I stripped and sanded it back to use as a shelf on the tenants roof terrace we’ve been working on.

Paint mostly removed to reveal the grain beneath

After a good going over with my new belt sander, I popped it on a thick baton on the wall next to the bbq table:

Sanded but looking a bit pale and uninteresting

Once sanded it was looking a bit Nicole Kidman and I wanted more of a Jennifer Aniston golden glow – soon achieved with a couple of coats of clear, satin finish, external varnish which brought out the beautiful grain in the wood – huge difference huh? Good job I did these before Mr M got to work on the Banana Bench…. and melted the NEW sander. Men!

Shelf finished and varnished

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