Slate strip cladding for a cellar conversion shower room

Riven black strip slate at

Readers of the Moregeous blog will know that we’re firm fans of slate, as are many of our clients, but this is the first time we’ve had a client decide on a strip slate tile to be used as cladding on walls. It’s more usual to have slate on a floor but with the right palette of materials and space, they can look stunning.

We’re going for a black riven slate tile at 600mm x 100mm dimension and using a pale grey grout which will give the effect above and give more prominence to the random pattern for the tiling. Used alongside oak, crisp white and hot pink, it’s going to be a stunner of a cellar conversion. The narrow tiles also lend themselves perfectly to creating useful narrow tiled shelves within the shower area for shampoo. etc., and will give a cool linear effect to the narrow room.

Here are a few more images should you be tempted to take the plunge!

PS I know you can get slate ‘look’ wall cladding for non-wet rooms but we don’t do plastic fantastic fakery here 😉

Riven black strip slate at
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Lonsdale Grey cleft strip cladding at RRStone
Lonsdale Natural Cleft Slate Cladding at RRStone
Black Wall Strip Cladding Tiles at
Silver Grey Quartz Wall Cladding Tiles at

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