The walls (and me) come tumbling down….

There are certain things universally accepted to give most girls what can only bluntly be described as the horn. Chocolate…. expensive shoes…. champagne…. diamonds….. money…… Gorgeous George, you can add your own individual tummy ticklers and I love them all, I do, but I’ve got a special one. Something which gets me going every time it’s mentioned or I even think about it, let alone get to the point of actually doing it…..

Anyone who really knows me knows that what I like is getting stuck in and dirty and…………………. TAKING WALLS DOWN!!!! Oh it so floats, my boat, always has. The thought of something coming tumbling down to open up a room or space just makes me smile and gives me goosebumps 🙂

We only went to the Didsbury Life office to drop off some blackberry crumble and to see how they were getting on planning the transformation of their office into West Didsbury’s only deli-grocers and we ended up in destruction mode! The girls were finding it hard to plan the space with the dividing wall still in situ which meant I couldn’t plan any work for them so it just seemed a sensible idea to get stuck in. Well, I say that but after my tumble head first down the stairs last weekend, it was Mr M wearing only flip flops and wielding the hammer who did all the hard work!

I love the fact that it was all done around the scarcely dry fizz glasses on the window cill – plenty more of that soon, eh H? 😉

Anyone for any more walls to come down? Anyone? Please? 🙂

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