The Moregeous garden slate fest continues

I blogged about this sorry looking front garden above a couple of weeks ago, whilst we were re-tiling the front path after a crap job when I first bought it 4yrs ago. Weeks of intermittent rain and shine this summer, plus decades of previous neglect meant a spaghetti junction of roots under the soil which constantly re-sprouted despite weekly plucking! The new path completely put the min part of the garden to shame so there was nothing else for it – up came the central diamond of slate tiles and a mini-rotivator was hired for a few hours to get up all the roots.

It had been a pretty useless garden design really *hangs head* as you’d to jump across soil from the path to get the the central tiles and it didn’t inspire anyone to want to spend time out there. The bay trees planted along the wall were not flourishing under the large lime trees overhead either. Time for a re-think, especially after making the other rented gardens so lushtastic & user friendly.

I decided to create a square slate walkway to allow access to the side and centre so next year we can plant herbs, tomatoes & chillis, and maybe even peas & beans against the B&Q bamboo screening.

A concrete base for the new path was created after all the roots had been removed and as the soil from around the front hedge kept falling down as it slopes up, we built a small wall using blockwork to neaten this area off. The white is where PVA was used on to help the tile adhesive stick to the base.

There were also some 600mm long linear slate tiles left over from the cellar conversion job so these have been used as upstands around the path – no waste here!

Almost finished, now I just want next Spring to be here so I can start planting 🙂


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