A Pinch Of Posh & a new slate wall

Lots going on today! Over at one of the rentals as previously posted, a new path and layout to the front garden. All done now and the small breeze block wall is tiled with linear slate tiles…. amazing the difference a few tiles can make. One of our tenants moved out today at another property at which the garden in almost finished and they were kind enough to show a potential new tenant round as they were packing up the final boxes. I smiled a huge smile as the previous tenant’s mum told me that she’d told the new tenant all about the herbs and veg in our garden. I hope that happens here too.

Meanwhile over at Modiste’s shop re-fit, we’ve got Team Moregeous working hard, with a deadline of the 25th August for a champagne opening! The changing room walls have been painted with Laurence Llewlyn Bowen’s Pinch of Posh, a vibrant aqua blue to match the store logo. The lights have been delivered, four 600mm wide rough coated style shades to tie in with the industrial edge to the shop ceiling, the chains to loop around the lighting cable are ready to be sprayed with a ‘sand’ spray and a position is marked to re-use the shop’s original drop pendant with three circular steel lights. It’s all on schedule!

So, I got home, eventually, after signing out a tenant and doing the necessary check & inventory. Was way too soft as teeny studio flat was still in a bit of a state, but the tenant had been in for 3yrs and had paid rent regularly with no problems so I figured that had to count for something #goodmood Plus they’d done a viewing and really sold the flat to the first viewer to see, so one good turn and all that.

Thought I’d get time to get some quotes done and paperwork sorted but spent the next 2hrs buggaring about with our ancient and broken boiler, sticking Milliput on every nook and cranny to stop the leaks. There is a certain irony in making people’s houses Moregeous whilst my own is falling apart!!!!

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