Rave on with a Smiley seat :)

I was a little peturbed to read the other day that some bright sparks have made a feature film of the 80’s rave years using original footage. Bang goes keeping the kids in line if I appear anywhere in it, having spent many a late-80’s evening waving my arms in the air, chewing gum and chanting Can You Feel It ’cause I could. Had to laugh tonight when I came across this range of furniture by Acrila….

Petit Smiley table, how cute is he?!
For those of us way too old to rave and who now just look forward to a good sit down, the perfect chair
A Smiley Table Basse - can just see my Red Bull on there, the nearest I come to mind-altering supplements these days

 Now, where’s that Smiley tee-shirt, pair of dungarees & whistle I boxed up in 1991…..

Film details: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/tv_and_showbiz/s/1458067_film-documenting-the-glory-days-of-madchester-scene-debuts-gio-goi-brothers-party

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