London Design Festival 2011 and a special love letter

Lizzie Cullen sketches the Truman Brewery; Image Copyright Moregeous Design

I’ve always done 100% Design, Tent London, Designersblock and more recently the cohesive London Design Festival on my own, armed with notebook, pen, camera and more recently iPhone. On my own and without hindrance or help. And coped admirably. However this year was different, as with an excess time, a hen party, a steppy at London Uni and Decorex to attend, it had turned into a 6 day schedule so….. Mr M was coming along for the ride.

Eek, I thought, control freak that I am. I like doing things O.M.T (on my tod). But you know what, it’s been lovely. It’s been great chatting and wandering, stopping off for a drink, sharing pictures, experiences. I know this whole design thing does a lot more for me than it does for him, but I guess that’s what relationships are all about, eh, given I’ll be having bloody United on my telly for the next 7 months 😉

Brick Lane gets the Lizzie Cullen treatment; Image Copyright Moregeous Design

Suitably fitting that at the marvellously inspiring Tent London, artist & designer Lizzie Cullen was writing Love Letters, sealed with a kiss of red wax….

Given that it’s just almost ten years since we first met, a designer love letter was definitely the order of the day…. Perfect x

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