Moregeous visits Decorex 2011 – an overview & some unusual finds, part 1 of 3!

A dramatic and surreal entrance into Decorex 2011 designed by Nicky Haslam & Colette van den Thillart

Never having visited Decorex International before, I was intrigued as to what to expect and had pretty much convinced myself it would be extremely high end, mostly unaffordable & full of posh ladies – not exactly my cup of tea! With a vintage style hen night to attend on the Saturday after my annual visit to 100% Design, Tent London and the rest of the London Design Fair, plus no meetings etc on the Monday, it seemed remiss not to call in, especially as the Decorex team had done such a fabulous social media job to promote the blogging competition with fab winner Andrew Dunning and exhibition in general.

I must hold my hands up and say I was wrong about Decorex, I really REALLY enjoyed my day. From the super stylish stands, the elegantly designed marquee, the attention to detail right though to the cute William Morris patterned bag for visitors, the show was a delight to attend.

I hadn’t expected such a mix of brands, from the beautifully traditional to the more modern & contemporary, a whole treasure trove of UK and international design under one roof. Even the R&R spaces were a delight for interior lovers:

Lots of rest for the wicked here at Decorex!

I’m going to write three posts on Decorex, with this first one focusing on some delicious individual items, and then the next two on lighting, trends and decadence. For all three posts it was very hard not to photograph everything but I’ve concentrated on pieces which caught my eye because they’re especially stylish or unlike anything I’d seen before (and I’ve seen a LOT of stuff!).

My first image is one of my favourite discoveries at the show, a quirky wallpaper called Chairs by Wiltshire based company Barneby Gates, completely delightful and coming in two colourways, black on parchment as shown and eau de nil. Clearly I was in esteemed company as it wasn’t only a LivingEtc fav, but the stand was jam packed with sample seekers all day!

As an avid lover of all things metallic, how couldn’t I fall for these solid copper cast containers made by Bronzino, they are huge and to die for, plus a lovely web-site telling you all about the methods and materials they use. One day when we eventually do our garden… 🙂

Caumont Cornice

The Fromental stand was as lush as ever and full of sumptuous handmade wallpapers and fabrics, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of luxury just standing within it and gazing at the walls. A little higher however was something else interesting, a contemporary cornice painted pale pink and gold from the Caumont series by architectural moulding company Solomon and Wu.

I also liked this Still Life collection of papers by Louise Body, both in this blue and also a beautiful grey and pink, available on her web-site for £60 per roll.

Mr M nearly fell over when I once let slip the price of my favourite freesia candle, so I steered him away from this stand then snuck back to get some details…. handcrafted by Parable using designs from a private collection of vintage wallpaper rollers to create unique relief surfaces, these beautiful candles are then hand painted – could they be more luxurious?! Some of you may have seen them on Kirsty’s Homemade Home when Parable gave Kirsty lessons in candle making, she’s so lucky!

At first glance this piece looked purely decorative and I liked the horizontally stacked effect called Silhouette created by Portugese design company Bateye. Although it looks a wee bit messy when ALL the unexpected doors and drawers are open, you get the gist… it’s useful as well as visually unusual. Very useful for holding my glass of fizz whilst I took this image in fact (top left!). The designer had taken inspiration from his surroundings, this cabinet evocative of the tumbling and randomly sized houses on his town’s hillside and you can just about see the mirror on the wall to the rear right which follows the rounded shape of casks of Portuguese wine.

Within a range they’ve called Quirky, Alternative Flooring‘s dotty wool carpet is bang on trend for Autumn/ Winter  2011, I found it great fun but felt that it remained grown up through the use of sophisticated colourways.

This wallpaper above is incredible and can be found through exclusive interior design company Altfield based at Chelsea Harbour. The paper is made up of thin strips of Bollywood poster, hand glued to create the colourful, intricate design you see above, though I guess every piece is different. Not too shabby a price at £120 per sq m, but pretty amazing huh, if your numbers come up on the EuroMillions 🙂

Do not even THINK about telling me you’ve seen a table made of cutlery before, I will NOT believe you!

More to come……

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  1. We saw this table too! We loved it but had to leave the stand when we thought about how difficult it would be for our 6 yr old to identify the correct piece of cutlery when eating his tea!

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