Lee Broom – British Design Awards Designer of the Year 2011

Delighted to see on Twitter yesterday that my favourite designer, Lee Broom, has won the coveted title of Designer of the Year 2011 in the British Design Awards, we voted for him here 🙂

Lee’s designs are a fabulous combination of everything which is elegant, quirky, fun, cool, relevant and beautifully crafted. We’d be happy to have any his pieces grace Moregeous Mansions, but I’m particularly in love with the Architrave furniture for Heals and also his latest Salon Collection – the graceful yet rocking studded chair & footstool below.

I was as giddy as a kipper when we stumbled across his workshop whilst on the Icon Trail during the London Design Festival in September and Mr M was a little taken aback at how starstruck I was when the doorman announced “Mr Broom is inside”. I don’t really do hero worship of singers or actors, so for him to see me so enamoured by this young gentleman was a bit shocking 😉 Lee was as lovely in ‘real life’ as he comes across in interviews, it was a privilege to wander round the studio and have a chat about his work. And have the obligatory ‘fan’ photo taken, which I will treasure….

A little more of Lee’s work here:



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