How to use Teal and Taupe in your interior design

Whilst working on a blog post for Dulux Trade (aimed at the painters & decorators who visit their web-site searching for a design push in the right direction), I decided to talk about the use of taupe. Having just watched Kelly Hoppen in Superior Interiors, my thinking is that a full on neutral palette is a little dull for my taste but it’s definitely a fabulous base to work from. Taupe is versatile and easily added to in order to create different looks: one feature wall can be painted or papered differently each year whilst the remaining taupe walls and woodwork stay the same shade. Accessorise it inexpensively with cushions or homeware and voilà, taupe with personality 🙂

In one episode, Kelly really didn’t like one of the client’s choices, Teal Tension, feeling it would’t at all well with taupe. It did look very bold on the moodboard but having used this particular colour on a scheme in the past, I found it worked brilliantly.

This was a collection of images I found of other designer’s teal & taupe combinations:

This rather beautiful, paler palette of teal and neutrals was created by Canadian blogger Laura Bielecki:

This gorgeous door & window combo from

And this from the wonderful

Finally two schemes where Team Moregeous used teal as an accent colour to an otherwise neutral palette:

I hope you’re inspired!

10 thoughts on “How to use Teal and Taupe in your interior design

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this. I am a huge fan of teal and have an odd mix of French Country in some rooms and more rustic Tuscan/Southwestern in other rooms and the taupe helps tie everything together.

  2. What are the names of the colors on the color palate under the blue birds eggs pic. Can u list them left to right. Thank you,

  3. Sian:
    This is the color palette I have been searching for! The Robins egg nest is such an amazing inspiration. I can’t wait to get started!

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