Trends and styles encapsulated in Interiors UK 2012 hall entrances

Well this trade show is going to be an easy one as I don’t even have to walk around the 5 huge halls 😉 Interiors UK have made it so easy for me to see all the latest trends and styles by having UK stylist Diana Civil create six stunning entrances to the halls!

  • Vintage Chic
  • Britannia Chic
  • English Eccentric
  • Chintz With Attitude
  • Classic Revival
  • Red Hot London

Of course, I WILL walk round them all, I’m only teasing, but what a great way to encapsulate the moods of the moment interior-wise. I think the one above, Vintage Chic, was my favourite, striking yet feminine.

I made six collages of the different English Heritage inspired areas. Which one’s your favourite?

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