Collecting some inspiration from the Obsessionistas

Obsessionistas Interiors UK 2012

There’s always something new to see at trade shows, it’s why people get off their bums, whatever the industry, and head to them. Increasingly seminars and specialists are focusing on trends, with everyone trying to second guess what’ll be hot to trot next season and even the season after that. It’s not just about what colour we’re going to paint our walls in Spring 2013, trends can also be a reaction to the mood of the nation. Sounds extreme doesn’t it but think about our current passion for baking, heritage, vintage and comfortable (Slanket anyone?!)… it’s an interiors reaction to an uncertain world, a harking back to the past in a knee jerk reaction to our pretty bloody awful present. It’s why the retail world are always looking to trend forecasters to tell them what will sell in the seasons ahead.

I liked the take that the Obsessionistas had on this. Themselves avid collectors, husband / wife team Graham and Helen Powell launched Obsessionistas in 2011 to showcase the collections of others and celebrate individuality, creativity, cultural relevance and the huge scope of what makes something ‘collectable’ and why. They teamed up with major forecasters WGSN-Homebuildlife for the show in order to interpret three key trends for 2013’s interior markets.

It was interesting and fun, looking at the beautifully presented collections. Designers, makers and artists gain inspiration from anywhere and everywhere; seeing objects of interest whatever their style and origin kick-starts the brain into action. I feel sure that the collections shown by Obsessionistas will have stimulated some artistic grey matter down at Interiors UK 2012 🙂

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