A few of my Design Village favourites at Interiors UK 2012

Featuring on this post are some of the eye-catching and unusual finds in the Design Village, the Designersblock curated part of Interiors UK 2012. Each year I am constantly surprised by innovations and developments in design when I visit shows like these, not just technically, but also in their intricate beauty and unexpected cleverness.

Ying-Mu’s ‘extraordinary’ wallpaper was just that, an explosion of colour and 3D paper design, vibrantly gorgeous.

Sophie Adamson‘s chunky cream knitted stool made me want to sink into it, the sort of furniture to nestle into near a roaring fire whilst snow falls outside.

Laura Daley skilfully captured the glowing lights reflected in the River Thames with her dip-dyed fabric, the elongated multi-coloured essence of London at night. Her unusual work won the New Designers British Contract Furnishing Association (BCFA) Award – congrats Laura!

Fabulously elegant yet cartoonish fabrics clad elegant seating shapes in the centre of the Design Village. The Zutto Cherries sofa was even graced by George Clarke’s bum for an interview at one stage 🙂

Regular readers will know we love our squirrels here at Moregeous Mansion so how could I resist these perfectly laminated ones by Lucy Alice Porter – I’d definitely have these on my wall!

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