(Belated) Sunday summary: Daybreak, DIY Mummies and off to a property wreck

Kinda belated Sunday Summary for last week seeing as it’s Wednesday today, but better late than never eh! Team Moregeous were asked to do some live DIY slots for ITV’s Daybreak and headed off to Birmingham without really knowing what we’d be doing / letting ourselves in for.

The couple who own the house we visited only bought it at Christmas and have a tonne of work to do along with working full time, plus bringing up their 2yr old son Oliver. Life just gets in the way of DIY doesn’t it?! They’ve done the bathroom & are tackling the nursery next but every day have to climb the stairs past this hideous wallpaper 😦

As any good decorator / DIY’er will know its ALWAYS better to strip back old paper, then address any lumps and bumps on the walls, even re-skimming if necessary, but this was simply a quick fix to hide the patterned awfulness & yellow ceiling until they got around to properly doing the hall and stairs area. Jenny was delighted with her Cocoa Powder wall, bright white  and new sparkly light and we were happy to help! We even got Daybreak’s roving presenter Nick Dixon on the job above (to the amazement of his wife), giggles from Oliver and rescued a field mouse from Jenny’s cat.

All in all a great morning’s work 🙂

There was much drawing, planning, inspiration seeking and pencil sharpening all day Saturday getting ready to start work on our first Half Built House in Exeter, fuelled by Easter Eggs opened early. It’s not cheating when it’s essential…

So did we have a restful Easter Sunday & Monday? As if!! Daybreak were back doing at Casa Moregeous filming a slot where we tried to turn DIY Dummies into DIY Mummies… in just a couple of hours. The girls did brilliantly. Jo, Helen and Vanessa got stuck in, trying out a caulking gun, using silicone sealant, soft filler, scrubbing grout lines and even drilling away at my walls with a hammer action drill – the latter was accompanied by lots of squeals but they surprised themselves by doing quite a good job. They got marks out of ten from our DIY Dummies sofa and presenter Dan Lobb the Heartthrob was a little surprised by our artwork which mainly consisted of pictures of him 🙂

With DIY Daybreak done by 10am Easter Monday, it was time to pack my bags for Exeter and our first Half Built House for Channel 5. It’s non-stop, this TV business…. and I’m loving it!!

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