Half Built House hits Exeter

From L to R: Charlie, Mr M, Danny, Tommy, me, Nick, Neil, Brendan and Mark

I honestly did not realise what I was undertaking when I said Team Moregeous would get involved with a TV ‘makeover’ show – six days in and I’m exhausted! Presenting, planning, drawing, designing, specifying, working with the builders, buying, fitting then dressing & finishing – all within a deadline of TWO weeks. These aren’t MDF Makeovers, but building work big style and under pressure. I know how other tv interiors shows work, there’s a lot of tape, staples and trickery…. let me tell you, this one will be very, very different.

Half Built House’s first deranged DIY project is in Exeter, a fabulous 1930’s red brick cottage built as one of three by a builder for his daughters. Due to reasons which will become clear in the show this summer, the owners now need a LOT of help to make their house a habitable home. Guess what? That’s where we come in ๐Ÿ™‚

I can give a sneaky peek each week though, on the QT, if you promise not to tell anyone at Channel 5.

Here’s our best looking builder, Cody, in front of a gorgeous period fireplace in one of the bedrooms. Also some of the workings out for structural work in the house:

I found cast iron treasure….

Along with some amazing solid wall ties. Having run a wall tie company several years ago, I thought these incredible, unusual and quite beautiful #brickgeek. Never seen anything like them ever before and neither had Brendan the Brickie. Have you?

It’s been four full on days of filming so far, with lots of work OFF site to ensure everything ON site goes smoothly. So far, so good….

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    1. Hi Chris, I hope you were happy with what we did! Watching the show must have brought back such memories for you ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure Chris would love to know any info you have, as would I, about those famous wall ties! ๐Ÿ™‚

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