Browsing through Whippet Grey

Carved wooden seagull

In between digging up overgrown weeds in my sodden garden, editing 200 photos and watching Wimbledon yesterday, I sneaked time to have a search for some products I’d seen in magazines & snapped with my iPhone to look up later. I can’t remember in which mag I’d seen this beautiful wooden seagull but the description took me to WhippetGrey. Carved from ash with wings gently moving when a hand-made lace bobbin is pulled, this is definitely a supermodel seagull as opposed to the fatties who pinch your chips 🙂

Finding unusual, enchanting products with which they weave a tale, the WhippetGrey team sell an artistic and eclectic mix of products, two more of which I’ve featured below and particularly like.

Giant wooden pencil sharpener
Mini terracotta birdball feeder

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  1. The wooden seagull is amazing. Such a nice shape. Excellent finish. I must get one of these.

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