It’s D-Day, or rather HBH-Day!

A wee touch of inspiration…..

Well it’s finally here and instead of relaxing into it, I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground. Had an amazing first experience as a guest on live TV this morning on The Wright Stuff, where Matthew Wright announce he was honoured to pop my cherry, cheeky! Then it was straight back into the car to whizz up the M6 back to Manchester in time to get my troops some nibbles and cake for tonight’s first showing of our little property baby Half Built House.

I’m so proud to have worked on this show and of the team who worked so so hard on all four of the houses featured. There can be criticism of ‘make-over’ shows and people have their reasons but do believe that in this show we all put blood, sweat and tears into the often dangerous building sites we were given to work on. That people actually lived in conditions such as these is a testament to their resilience, or maybe that should be their insanity! We couldn’t ever do it all, there wasn’t enough time or cash and you will see things that our hardy HBH DIY’ers will need to continue with or finish off HOWEVER I guarantee you will see amazing transformations done by our small team on a relatively small budget.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, tweeted and promoted us, you’ve been absolute stars! It’s in the hands of the Remote Control Gods now.

Me? I’m diving into a bottle of prosecco sometime around 7.55pm 😉




6 thoughts on “It’s D-Day, or rather HBH-Day!

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  1. Just watching the programme (enjoying it so far) and wondering how you pronounce you’re name? Here in Wales we say ‘ Sharn’ but the voiceover man says ‘Sy-ann’?

  2. Saw the programme Half Built House, with high hopes, but Sian comes across as neurotic, highly strung, inflexible and a general nightmare, I wouldn’t let her in the same street as my house, let alone anywhere near the property.

  3. Hi Sian, are you from blackburn Lancs? if so, regarding your name, I think your mum brought you into the dentists i used to work at on Accy Road many years ago and made an appointment for you.You were only very small, when I asked your name, she said “Sy Ann” how do you spell that I asked? SIAN, she replied. do you mean “Sharn” (Welsh pronunciation)I asked? No! she said firmly Sy Ann! and I have never forgotten it. if it wasnt you, there are two of you out there!! Both really annoying the lovely welsh nation. I really enjoyed the programme tonight. Diolch yn vawr!

  4. Really enjoyed the show Sian!

    Well done to you and the boys for achieving so much in such a short space of time and on a small budget too! Really glad the style wasn’t compromised, as that’s the bit the viewers like and the residents get to enjoy!!!

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