Manchester Mosaics’ Amanda McCrann *does* Channel 5 ;)

Home mosaic by Manchester artist Amanda McCrann made using recycled tiles

The boys were in the middle of removing the kitchen units on the first day in our Exeter Half Built House when behind the old kitchen sink we found some old white and amber patterned cracked tiles. Whilst far from perfect for use in the scheme itself and also covered in filth and grout, I had a little idea of where they might come in useful….

I’d asked Manchester based artist Amanda McCrann to make a mosaic for a tenants’ garden earlier this year and knew she was MORE than creative enough to turn these ropey but pretty tiles into something gorgeous for Chris and Amie’s home. There was something fitting about creating something new from something old, as she said on the finished episode, it was just what the team were doing to their house!

Amanda did a fabulous job and finished off the artwork in the garden in Exeter on our last day, there’s nothing like last minute art!

Thanks for your artistic endeavours and creative input Manchester Mosaics xx

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