Half Built House Eastbourne – The amazing peacock wallpaper!

All of Ben & Stacey’s ‘like’ images were of kitchens in very neutral shades, lots of creams and whites and very few vibrant shades. In fact, that would be….. none!

I wouldn’t have dreamt of installing a bright pink kitchen just for shock value, but felt that my interior design scheme for such a young couple could take a serious injection of colour. However I didn’t want a simple feature wall. As the room began to take shape and the bookshelves were marked in place, two areas stood out as ones which could be enlivened.

As soon as I saw this utterly fabulous paper from Prestigious Textiles, we absolutely had to have it! The paper is fully digitally printed and designed to be hung in two drops, plus it’s much wider than the average 50cm wallpaper width. This does mean that it isn’t inexpensive, but like everything amazing, worth saving up for. When the boys first saw it, they couldn’t quite believe how bright it was. I know full well they thought I’d finally lost it 🙂

Nick and Mr M both then made the fatal mistake of letting me know they could do wallpapering…. Nick had hidden that fact for 4 weeks, Mr M for NINE YEARS…. *someone* was in deep trouble. It went on like a dream they said, beautifully heavy paper, although it almost took off down the coast in a sudden gust of south coast wind!

How colour-tastic does it look? And Ben and Stacey LOVED IT!!!!!

If you fancy just a splash of vivid brights in your home, try using them sparingly such as in the panelled areas here, so colour doesn’t overwhelm the whole scheme.

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  1. Hi Sian, please could you tell me where you got the white lamp over the dining room table in the Easrbourne property that you did 🙂

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