Upholstery Project No 2: Chairs all waxed and finished

It’s been the final week on my dining room chairs project and the undersides have all been protected with dust covers of light hessian.

Seriously getting this upholstery bug now, have decided I want an air compressor for Christmas!

So just as a recap, these chairs have been painted using Annie Sloan’s Emile pale purple chalk paint, then clear waxed, lightly sanded to allow some of the dark timber to show through, then waxed again and polished to give an elegant sheen.

This is what they looked like before, with sagging faux leather seats:

And after: 

Now we just have to re-do the whole kitchen to make it as gorgeous as the chairs….

2 thoughts on “Upholstery Project No 2: Chairs all waxed and finished

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  1. Hello Sian. I’m just coming across your chairs and love them. What great work! Do you happen to know the name of the fabric you used? I have an arm chair that I may paint Emile (which is how I came across the picture), and would love to find it.

    1. Hi there Heidi,
      I adore the Emile colour and don’t forget with chalk paint you can add a bit of white or black to make it paler or darker. Looked great under the charcoal but I think it’d look great under or on top of white or cream.
      Fabric details here: https://moregeous.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/how-to-re-upholster-an-old-parker-knoll-wingback-chair/
      Check us out on Twitter, lots if tips & links on there too,
      Good luck with your project,

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