Tired cellar dwellers = Vini & Bal discovery

2014-02-01_0001I’m all for a little help in the kitchen after a long day / week / month and January has been just that. We’ve FINALLY started to rip out Moregeous Mansions, after 7yrs living in an unrenovated house, it’s time for Mr M & I to get a shimmy on and transform our own house into a design paradise. Everything has to be done in order and we’ve spent this week clearing the chock-a-block full cellars at our rental block just in case we need storage there. My god. Ten years of hoarding the detritus of renovating twenty rental flats = a week of hell in a skip & the pouring rain!

So hardly a surprise that the whole cooking from scratch thing took a knock. It’s all very well and good for domestic goddesses who don’t work full time but sometimes something has got to give for us normal women, even those us who don’t like supermarket food. Delighted to find an indie maker’s curry sauce this week, Vini & Bal’s, which tasted spot on. I added ‘stuff’ of course, a bit of coriander, some garlic naan, but both ones we tried, the Jeera and the Shahi, were lovely. I added the Jeera to 6 cut up chicken thighs fried in ghee with onions, garlic & ginger – fab. Give them a try, foodies, let me know if you agree?

PS I don’t know them & wasn’t paid in cash or food for this, just genuinely liked the sauces x


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