Installing some *Splendid* Typography Mosaics today

2014-08-18_0003Down at the Splendid Sausage Co, a restaurant where I redesigned the interior a few months ago, Mike & Em have commissioned some fabulous artwork from our friend Amanda at Manchester Mosaics. The pieces capture the different fonts used for the quirky names of different dishes, including my personal favourite, the Mighty Meaty, and are colourful, fun and bold just like the interior. I love them! Mr M & I installed them this morning and were a little gutted not to have time to stay for lunch #noperks #doh2014-08-18_0005That’s unless you count a huge white chocolate cheesecake Wonut (waffle/donut hybrid) as lunch. I considered it breakfast 😉
White Chocolate Cheesecake Wonutat Manchester's Splendid Sausage

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